Facially disfigured man experiments on human blood in a desperate attempt to reclaim his identity. His journey leads him on a dark path of self discovery.

In Blood

IN BLOOD, is an experimental thriller which originated from our first attempt at low budget filmmaking. It was shot with a skeleton crew of four over 5 days in Welsh mountains with the simple goal of doing the best possible work we can. We’re proud of every good shot as it’s a reminder that behind the scenes there was nothing to suggest we can achieve something this cinematic.

We intended to make a modern homage to Old Hollywood horrors and utilise their well known cliches in a contemporary setting. Hence, our character is a ‘mad scientist’ who tries to regain his identity through questionable experiments. We all know that story. At a closer look, there are references to Dorian Grey, The Invisible Man, Dracula and many more.

At the same time we also attempted to play with structure, editing, animation and VFX to bring this story to life. We wanted to make a film which would impress ourselves first and foremost. It was always intended to keep the story ambiguous, on the verge of dream and reality. At the end of the film the question remains. Was he actually disfigured or just imagined it? Was blood going to save him or maybe it was just in his blood to hurt people?