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Intermittently filmed on the same farm over a period of 18 months, Giants plays out amongst the changing landscape of the worst drought in Australia’s history. Green to yellow to a red Mars like dust bowl.

Luke thinks the drought is breaking. So he doesn’t de-stock as planned, but instead get’s his herd ready to calve in the spring. His family are the lucky ones, they’re on good country. If Luke gets up early and works hard, they’ll be rewarded. It’s always been that way. But, the rain doesn’t come.

Luke is forced to wonder what’s happened to the good country inside his fence.

Director’s Vision for ‘Giants’

Our former Prime Minister once assured us, that Australia has always been “a land of droughts and flooding rains”. But, is this line from the poem ‘My Country’, written in 1908, really proof that devastating droughts and extreme weather events are par for the course in Australia? Or will this kind of romanticism in the face of environmental catastrophe only lead to ruin