Ghost Turd is a harrowing tale about a vengeful spirit that haunts an inner city dog park. The spirit preys on dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets.

The first film in a series of cautionary twisted tales from the depraved mind of Cheese Whiskers.

Director Statement

The idea of Ghost Turd came to me on my second dog walk of a very bleak and rainy day. During my morning stroll with Gilbert (A Schnoodle with severe anxiety) I’d stepped on a dog turd. I put this ill fated step down to not being fully awake. Fast forward to later in the day at 6PM and as faith would have it, I’d stepped in another turd, fully awake this time, no excuse. This got me fuming with anger at the lazy pet owners of the world, yet it was this precise moment that gave birth to Ghost Turd. This was 3 years ago, since then the story of Ghost Turd has evolved.

Ghost Turd’s a fun, obscure story that I think will resonate well with people all over the world, especially the ever expanding population of “dog parents”. If I had to sum up Ghost Turd in one sentence it would be ‘A public service announcement, told in the tradition of a horror film, with the intention to make people laugh’.

It was written in bold, underlined font, somewhere in the book of film making that you should never work with kids or animals. Well I grabbed that book held it above my head and ripped it to a million tiny pieces. Does this make me crazy? Yes. Does it make me a rebel? Probably. But having worked with children and animals many times before I knew what I was signing up for.

The amazing cast and crew worked on this film for nothing and it couldn’t have been made without their incredible help.

This is a project that I’m truly excited to share with the world and I hope it makes people think to pick up after their four legged friends.