In this powerful 12 minute short film inspired by true events, you will be taken into a world of beauty, romance, and deception. A fitting film for our modern world in which mental health is no longer a taboo topic. Written and directed by Michael Phoenix who also plays “Charlie” (lead male).
Please enjoy our film “Fleeting Nirvana”.

Director’s Vision

This film is very special to me, not just because I had a very heavy hand in every aspect of it, but because I lost my only aunt some years ago and this was my final release of it. We filmed this entire movie in less than 24 hours (due to the budget).

I worked on this film a full year and funded it out of my own pockets needless to say this film is about as indie as it gets. The lead actress Allison Pittel (Ally) and I worked together for about 6 months prior to filming. Just when production was about to begin, the epidemic sent us into limbo. My D.P dropped out 1 week before production but I was fortunate enough to put together the perfect team for the project. Thanks for reading my statement. I hope you have enjoyed or will enjoy the movie.