XIETY explores the ways anxiety may feel for those who suffer from it through a visual journey in Val’s mind- XIETY. Val struggles to stay mentally present during a night out with friends. What may seem like a simple, fun, and relaxing night for others is physical and mental torture for Val. Her anxiety quickly builds up to a panic attack and she finds herself stuck in her mental world of Xiety.

Director’s Vision

“XIETY” was inspired by my very own journey with generalized anxiety. It’s an internal battle I’ve struggled with for years all while keeping it hidden from 98% of those who know me. Hopefully with “XIETY”, we can share a visual representation of what many may have felt on their worst days. There are those out there that you would never guess had any sort of mental health issues but internally they are fighting the big fight of their lives. This short film represents those out there. XIETY was a five day production that took place at five different locations.