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Entropy – the degree of disorder of particles during a chemical reaction.
Passionate and painful relationship in the chaotic retrospect of a faded memory. This is the entropy of a relationship.

When everything is over, are we left alone with the memories of our loved ones or is it that those same memories are what keep us from being alone?

Director’s Vision

The first inspiration for “Entropy” was a slightly odd image that formed in my mind.

A Young man, who’s hand washing his clothes on an abandoned rooftop – all the while each of the colors of the clothes provoke memories of a past loved one.

From that moment, with a magnificent and talented team, I set out on a journey to explore the connection between color, memory, and emotion. I tried to figure out how to visually illustrate the dynamic chaos of memories, and to find unique ways to visualize the notion of subjective memory, in which our emotion dictates the way the memory is etched into our mind. This is where the use of silhouettes came in – they act as faded memories our protagonist is trying to recall, highlighted moments that are the reflection of his emotions both in the past and the present.

Even though this is an ultra-short film, the process of completing it was long and at times even wearing. Much to my surprise, not only did I learn about making art and finding my own voice as a creator, I rediscovered the inseparable connection between love, pain and sadness. I was constantly reminded that when you choose to love, you make a choice to hurt and suffer at times.

One of the major decisions in the editing process was what will be the closing shot. I felt that the essence of the video should be embodied in it, and I kept asking myself a question that is the core of my film – at the end of the day, after we break off a relationship and our lives are changed – are we left alone with our memories or are those memories the thing that keeps us from being left alone?