When a reckless man accidentally kills a neighborhood cat, he’s cursed with the question of whether or not he’s actually cursed…or do people just hate him? A horror/comedy featuring Stephen Ellis (A Reasonable Request, You’re the Worst), Jimmi Simpson (Westworld) and Ali Ahn (OITB).

What were the challenges in creating a film during a pandemic?

The challenges creating this during the pandemic were many fold. Our first concern was obviously keeping everybody safe. We coordinated testing and made sure we had our supply of PPE. Second, we had to pull this off with a skeleton crew, and everyone, including the actors, wore several different hats. After that, it was a matter of making my house double as two different locations. For safety reasons, it was our goal to contain all filming to one house and that was no easy task!

Tells us how the idea of The Curse came about.

We were all feeling creatively pent up from the quarantine and the idea of ‘The Curse’ came about because we collectively thought the world was cursed. We wanted to make something that was safe to produce and attainable to pull off.

Were the characters written for the cast? Or were they casted for the characters?

The roles were written directly for the actors in the film. We are all friends, in a quarantine bubble, and luckily, everyone was on board!