Life means disorder, and disorder means waste. An ambitious 3 minutes, the animated short explores the scientific theory of entropy, and takes us on a trip through human evolution. Fundamentally though, it asks us as individuals if we can justify the waste we all create.

The unique style of this animation uses a brutal clash of photo-real 3D & hand-crafted 2D.

Director’s Statement

‘Disorder’ is the first film to be released from ‘The Discourse Trilogy’, a new initiative that will unite the power of animation, ideas, and discourse. ‘Disorder’ uses a playful clash of 2D & 3D animation to tell the story of humans and our connection to waste. A collaboration between Substance (creator of the TEDxSydney titles), multi award winning indie animator Robert Grieves and audio wizards Sono Sanctus.

The Project

Each film in the trilogy covers a different angle on climate change, and once the audience has been treated to the inspiring animations, they’ll be offered a platform for further learning and debate. The films are just the start of a much larger non-commercial project,, with the simple goal of sharing ideas and fostering debate. The idea of Paras Chopra, a writer and entrepreneur from India, he is driven to help us all discuss the major issues of our times.

The Films

The Discourse Trilogy includes ‘Disorder’, ‘Dispute’ and ‘Dispel’, and tackles the climate change debate in 3 very different ways, even embracing a quiz. The first to be released is ‘Disorder’, which proposes that human life is intrinsically linked to waste. Its bold visual style is a clash of photo real 3D by Substance with hand crafted 2D animation from Robert Grieves.

Creative Team

All three films are directed by Robert Grieves whose work not only includes commissions from Adidas but also for Trade Unions and an Oscar qualifying personal short. All this convinced Chopra that Grieves could bring both professionalism and passion to the project. Knowing that the key to incredible films is wider collaboration, Robert approached pioneering 3D studio Substance, and audio sensations Sono Sanctus.

The Future

The films will be released in sequence, starting with Disorder, not only promoting debate on each topic, but encouraging feedback on every aspect. Reflecting the aim to be an inclusive project that evolves as a community. Chopra’s dream is to unite everyone in discourse about our collective future, from scientists to school kids.