A dark mystery puzzle-drama. Trapped within a distortion of time, unravelling his fragmented memories, a man comes into contact with a woman living in real-time who reveals the truth about him.

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Director Vision for ‘Echoes’

The film is a surreal layered puzzle that borrows from classic films like Enemy and dives deep into the psyche of the main character. When writing the film, I broke the story into three layers.

In the first layer, the film deconstructs how relationships are created and maintained. For this aspect, I wanted to stay true to the relationship at the heart of the story and infuse it with visual representations of physical and emotional separation.

The second layer dives into how those moments that make up a person can be changed and influenced, this becomes a key driving force for the protagonist, telling a very different and literal story.

These dual narrative layers work together to reveal a third layer of what the film is really about.