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The Official Elvis impersonator of Las Vegas has to confront his identity and sexuality as his public persona slowly fades away.

A KING is a non-fiction ‘noir character study’ that juxtaposes the worlds of reality, fantasy and memory into a dreamlike composition of documentary and fiction. In A KING, the surreal and neon-light narrative follows Jesse Garon as he wanders through a Las Vegas which finds its expression in casinos, neighborhoods, venues and private homes that are oblivious to the general public.

According to Las Vegas mayor Oscar B. Goodman, Jesse Garron is the official Elvis of Las Vegas and in his 35 years career has done more weddings and ceremonies than any other impersonator in the World but all that glitters isn’t gold and Jesse feels that performing Elvis year-round is a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, he loves the opportunity to be able to perform. On the other hand, it’s hard for him to escape the character when he isn’t on stage. He often has difficulty comprehending that he needs a break from being Elvis and struggles with depression and a lost sense of identity because of it.

And, there’s one other thing that is even more upholding for Jesse. Although he devoted his entire life to impersonate the embodiment of American macho culture, Jesse is gay. This is a film about identity.

Jesse is the medium through which we can investigate not only his own identity but, most importantly, the collective projection of what it means to be an American icon and how it feels to give up yourself to try to get closer to the source of the fascination Jesse will always be several steps behind from the image he is trying to embody, he will never quite get there, living as a Simulacrum of a sort, removed from his body and the world around himself. Inhabiting a state of limbo that, opposite to the limbo of actual stardom, doesn’t allow the concealing of the emotional and psychological cracks that come with his profession.

By being up and close to Jesse’s consumed masquerade, we will get glimpses of a truth that can speak in a wider sense about society itself, the influence of media and the delusional nature of the entertainment industry.