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A young creative professional muses about the idiosyncrasies of his colleagues and how he views his position in the workplace.

Director’s Vision for ‘Dream Team’

In our company, we are all equal and strive to spend our workdays as freely and stress-free as possible. We always make sure to communicate everything amongst ourselves and to always communicate openly and honestly. Over the years, what has emerged is that we have not only become colleagues but best friends. This means that we also spend a lot of time together outside of work, which further blurs the lines between work and fun life. In a work environment without hierarchy, power struggles, and strict rules like working hours, etc. you gain countless advantages and this has taken us far as a company.

However, there are days where I wonder: Did I actually work today? And the more the company grew, the more often we had days where we almost exclusively talked and drank coffee, and then suddenly found ourselves sitting on the roof with pizza and beer. But I am firmly convinced that these days contribute to making us an unbeatable team that can completely trust each other in any situation. And it’s only through such moments that one truly gets to know how one’s colleagues/friends are really feeling. I tried to incorporate all these thoughts and moments into this film and I hope it comes across at least a little.

Aaaaand we actually hate our elevator! Sometimes when you’re waiting for the door to close the elevator resists doing anything and then you have to jump to wake him up, which makes him fall down half a floor, but through that he really closes his doors and eventually brings you to your floor. This is scary as hell!!