Up and coming rock band Bad Penny are doing their first headline tour, but they have a problem. The support band French Kiss, fronted by the charming David French, is becoming more popular than them. In addition to that James, the singer/guitarist of Bad Penny, seems to have lost inspiration. Dean and Anthony, fraternal twin brothers and the two remaining band members of Bad Penny, devise an evil plan to help James find new inspiration and make their band gain popularity again.

Director’s Vision

Behind the absurd premise of the film lies a personal story. It explores the idea of the pained artist that can only make good art when it’s derived from pain and suffering. This is of course not entirely true but it has always been the case for me. I’ve been struggling with my mental health a lot and every time I’m going through a tough time I tend to write my frustrations away and convert my pain into a new story. This time round I decided to make this idea the very premise of a short film and infuse it with my love of post punk rock music and so the story of band members trying to kill each other for the sake of music was born.