A portrait comes to life and promises success to its painter. What’s the catch?

Director’s Statement

The story of the “tormented and obsessed artist” is a well-known state of mind, however I felt like the experience of lockdown amplified that sentiment. The fear of mediocrity, of failure, the need to pursue your aspirations despite the sacrifice, because something stronger keeps you; something that actually wants and takes all of you.

That’s why when the pandemic hit I tried to turn all the reasons I couldn’t make a film, into reasons I could. No connections, no budget, no professional crew or actors. Suddenly everyone was sharing these limitations.

Made with my partner at home, one of the most exciting things was finding absurd and fun home-made solutions to recreate convincing visual effects, such as sinking through a bed (which was made by building a blanket fort).

In the end I was inspired by others to create, and I hope to pass on the baton.