A workaholic father comes home to discover his twin daughters have built a digital android doppelgänger that they lovingly call D.A.D.

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Director’s Vision for ‘D.A.D.’

After months of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was eager to do another film project. Wanting to create something fresh and new we did the film on an extremely low budget (less than $2000). I completed over 150 visual effects shots on my off time from work, usually at night while the family slept.

Both myself and the lead Darien Sills-Evans are alumni of the Sony Pictures Diverse Director’s program. Darien’s schedule opened up perfectly between finishing a feature film and his latest role in the new CBS show “East New York.” We’re both fathers and wanted to produce a project that portrays a positive image of black fatherhood. I feel we achieved that with this film.

It’s my hope that audiences find the film inspiring, funny and a nice reminder that when our lives get crazy with the have-to’s in life, that we always keep our priorities in the right order.