On the 654th episode of the longest running Avatar-Fan Podcast, one of the hosts drops some very unexpected news.

Director’s Vision for ‘Navi Boys | #1 Avatar Fan Podcast | Episode 654’

2 years ago, myself and a friend were laughing at this idea of two hardcore Avatar fans that host a weekly podcast in full Navi makeup. Cut to October 2022, the Avatar sequel was upon on us and I still couldn’t stop thinking about this bonkers idea. With this short I took the classic approach that all filmmakers do: book a day, location, crew and actors without a word of the script written. All I knew going in – we need a really good makeup artist (Dessa Larocque) and everyone involved deserves to have a goofy day on set.

We eventually ended up putting pen to paper with lots of room to improv on set. I think regardless if you know the world of Avatar or not, the idea of these friends having to move on with their lives is a pretty universal theme. On the Avatar side of things – we actually researched the heck out of our roles. The goal was to sell these characters as die-hard fans so that first 2 minutes feels authentic. I even spent hours scouring forums to translate English to Navi. I’m sure the real fans will poke some holes in our Navi, but we tried!

It’s dumb, it’s hyper-niche, but god am I glad it exists.