A young woman navigates through different concepts of “home” as she revisits her roots, experiences first love/heartbreak, and finds herself on a journey that transforms her.

Director’s Vision for ‘Crazy Hogar’

The definition of home is like a project that is continually updated. It evolves and transforms with your growth and experiences.
When the brand presented me with the concept for its new collection, I was personally drawn to it. As someone born in Perú that moved to the U.S. when I was a teenager, I had trouble connecting with – and constantly questioning – my “peruvianess”. I didn’t feel either American or Peruvian enough. I had to go through different roads to finally land where I am today.
Crazy Hogar was an opportunity to talk about a journey that many young people go through. In the first part, we explore the film’s theme in its material and tangible meaning. Then, we shift our focus to building a home with our significant other. However, life doesn’t go as planned and we must find strength in ourselves as we seek the next chapter.