After his wife’s murder, a haunted man is gifted with the ability to walk in the world of the living and the dead through her. Now, he finds peace by helping the dead find missing objects that allow them to move on in the afterlife.

Director’s Statement

Condemned began with the idea of a man with a dark and violent history hunting the worst ghosts and demons. I like characters who know who they are and what they are, similar to the best Western or Noir film characters. The lead character in Condemned, Paul, knows who he is, the horrible things he’s done, the evil he’s capable of…..that he may or may not be responsible for his wife’s murder. I wanted to tell a story about that contradiction;; men of violence and horror doing good.

I also wanted to portray the paranormal as normal, as casual as two characters at a bus stop. This world, the dead world, is a normal place for Paul. He’s as comfortable in the dead world as the living and again I wanted to embrace the contradictions of the two disparate worlds. This story is about contradictions, about being trapped in an in between state…..Condemned to the fate that we make.