Qiao Qiao Zhang, former dancer with Tao Dance Theater, creates a new work for Mexico City based dancers Carla Segovia, Diego Vertiz, Elisa Romero, Paulina Vargas, Frank Vazquez, Fernando Guez, Juan Carlos, Brenda Loustaunau Aguilar, directed by Mexico City and Berlin based director and cinematographer Phillip Kaminiak.

An analogy between the modern human being, living in mass cities, and the phenomenon of the circle of death – observed in nature with ants who are separated from the main foraging party and lose the pheromone track. They begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle, commonly known as a “death spiral” because the ants might eventually die of exhaustion. Shot in Mexico City, this vibrant and impressive city is a protagonist, symbolizing a life in endless high speed movement and the humans who are dedicating their lives to endless movement, self-exhaustion in a modern capitalistic based world.