On a cloudy London day, an American babysitter takes care of two young British sisters. Parental instincts and the fragility of misunderstandings rise to the surface, as she realizes something is amiss.

Director’s Vision for ‘Before Seven’

This short film, set in London, follows an American babysitter on what at first seems like normal day caring for two young British sisters in a high-rise flat overlooking the city. As she connects with the children, certain inconsistencies slowly add up, painting an incomplete picture—one which can only be solved by the mother returning home.
Westin Ray (1/2 of co-directing duo RAY SISTERS) wrote this script to pose the question: “How protective would you be of children who are not your own?”

Westin: “I’m not a mother myself….but several of my friends have young children whom I’ve grown very attached to. Maternal instincts are something I find fascinating, so I wanted to explore how they can manifest in someone of no familial relation—in this case, someone who is hired to watch and care for the kids. Also, I have never liked the word “babysitter”—it’s a clunky word; and people have lots of preconceived notions about babysitters in films. Yet, it’s commonly a young person’s first job experience taking on responsibility—and one that often informs how we feel about children in later life.

Austin Ray (the other ½ of RAY SISTERS) was intrigued by the dichotomies of babysitting.

Austin: “It can be so intimate and yet distant at the same time. You step into a stranger’s life, and temporarily take over their role. Oftentimes, little is known about the family, so there can be a lot of room for imagination.”

“Before Seven” explores the motif of human misunderstandings, especially when a lack of information or miscommunication causes sensible people to react instinctively. In this modern world, conflicts are more likely to arise from the random and unexplained, rather than clear cut, black-and-white scenarios.

With captivating performances from former Disney star, Meaghan Martin (Camp Rock, Mean Girls 2, & ABC’s 10 Things I Hate About You), Kate Sumpter (BBC’s Little Drummer Girl) along with Tara Godolphin, Barry John Kinsella (AMC’s Sanctuary), and Tom Sharp. The short film debuts newcomers & real life sisters Claudia & Delilah, who seamlessly fit into their roles as sisters on screen.