A visual representation of a women’s anxiety in it’s day to day form.

Apprehension is the concept of fear, anxiety, and nervousness. That sick feeling you get in your stomach. This is what many feel through everyday life. A constant reminder of how our minds are the most powerful force in our body. This same feeling is revealed through visuals of beauty, calmness, and static posture. Inserts of uneasiness, things that represent what we fear, and tools of escapism will contrast with our current state of mind.

Directors Statment

Apprehension is very much a personal project that has provided a backdrop for my personal struggles with anxiety. My goal was to portray anxiety in its different forms when it’s at its worst to when it’s most mellow. The characters of my films have a consistency to struggle with trauma on either a psychological or physical level. I wanted to visually represent the feelings of my anxiety through a woman to show the fragile beauty of Apprehension to represent a very relatable subject to many.