“A bungling young landowner solicits his neighbor for his daughter’s hand in marriage only to find that to get an “I do” he must battle through a cacophony of land rights, hunting dogs, cookies and tea.”

This is a classic story of what happens when two people who are wrong for each other decide they need to get married.

Director Vision for ‘The Proposal’

Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s brilliance and done on a dare, I set out to accomplish five lofty goals with an adaptation of “The Proposal”.

First: bring a one-act comedic play to screen in the rich farcical style of the classic screwball comedies such as The Marx Brothers were known for.

Two: keep satire crisp, lighthearted and fun.

Three: play with irony that one hundred and thirty years later, the theme of money-driven marriages between people who may never get along, maintains relevance today.

Four: use of the long shot to provoke a visual experience that immerses the audience into the realm of character.

And five: bring it to fruition in Hawai’i using an all locally-based cast and crew.

You may ask, “Chekhov to the screen in Hawai’i? Are you of sane mind?” To that I say, “Why not?” His humor is universal and timeless and Hawai’i, being a cultural melting pot, is the perfect venue to showcase that. Having worked tirelessly for over two years, our team takes particular pride in a production that brought superb cinematic talent, creative design and unique acting styles to this 19th century period piece. I sincerely hope you have as much fun watching as we did shooting it. Aloha!