A short documentary focusing on the people whose story the mainstream media won’t tell; those who want to take Afadia and live a different life.

‘Lifestyle altering medication’ That’s how Zenith Pharmaceuticals describes their controversial new drug Afadia. For some, Afadia is a godsend. It’s a chance to be the person they’ve always wanted to be. In this short documentary, Dice News examines one such person as he reveals to the ones he loves that he’s decided to take Afadia.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Afadia’

This film and its subject terrify me. Because I don’t think we are ready for this conversation. I see far too often, people using science to make social policy decisions. Science is a cold, brutal, unfeeling force. It doesn’t care about human well-being. And when you co-opt it to make a case for your civil rights you’re making a considerable wager. That wager is that at no point in the future, a discovery that contradicts your previously held conclusion won’t be made. The reality is we should treat everyone with decency and respect regardless of what the science says. It may turn out that someone finds the gay gene and is able to “cure” people of it. And because of the way we currently deal with science in the social space, I think it will be devastating.