A determined astronaut drifts alone in the vastness of space, his hands reaching for a mysterious object. Could this shiny artifact hold the meaning of Life itself? Come play with us.

Director’s Statement

“Children of the Cosmos” was a refreshing challenge for us as directors. Although we’d been establishing ourselves as horror filmmakers for some years, the decision to change gears and make a sci-fi/comedy short film with CGI in every shot came naturally. We felt it was time to put our abilities to the test in a different type of movie. Made on a shoestring budget, the screenplay was written in a single day, pre-production took two weeks and filming took three days. Post-production was the longest process and took about a month. The movie was highly praised by ozploitation legend Brian Trenchard-Smith himself, who shared it in his own social medias and called it “one clever short film” and “a sly joke”. So come play with us, the Cosmos and the meaning of Life await.