Tripping is about a pregnant high schooler who is forced to go on a road trip with her lesbian best friend in order to get an abortion at the nearest women’s health clinic.

Director’s Statement

The idea for Tripping first came to me while watching a feature about a woman who has to travel out of state to get an abortion. The film was incredibly heavy and depressing. I couldn’t help but think it doesn’t have to be like this. Every film about abortion does not have to be a tragedy. What if traveling due to the lack of women’s health clinics wasn’t a low point in the character’s life, but instead a comedic buddy road trip? This past summer, seeing abortions become harder and harder to access confirmed for me that now is the time to make this film. I’m tired of abortion being a dirty word. While starting to make Tripping, I keep repeating that “it’s important to show the things and say the things.” This film won’t shy away from showing a fetus, from saying the word abortion, from showing queer relationships — the things your high school health class should have done. That being said, the abortion is just one thing that happens in Tripping. The abortion is the launchpad for an exploration of friendship, romance, and personal growth.