Leverage tells the story of Jade Betts, the most badass of Russian assassins, who gives up the life because she’s found something more important to her than killing. Her former employers take that thing from her to try to ‘leverage’ her back into the life but she isn’t going to take it lying down, she’s ready to fight back. She’s a strong, ass-kicking woman surrounded by a cast of weird and fun characters.

What do we mean by ‘a short film that would make John Wick and John Hughes proud’?

Imagine you’re leaving a movie theater with a friend, laughing at how ridiculous it was. The characters were silly, the dialogue was great… But you turn to your friend and remind them of that part where the girl jumped over a guy and kicked two people in the face at the same time and suddenly all you can think about is how cool the action was. That’s the kind of film we want to make.

I grew up in the 80s and 90s raised on cable TV edited versions of bad action films. And today, with films like the “John Wick” franchise, we’re in a new golden age of awesome action flicks. Being a fan of comedy, I wanted to squish that with action and make something fun. Thus, the idea for Leverage was born.