A young woman is brought back to her childhood home in the country with three things to reckon with: the imminent death of her father, her estranged mother and the dragon following her around.


Cam is on the train back to the family home. Her father is in the hospital, having just suffered what looks to be his final heart attack. In the half world between asleep and awake, Cam spots something flying among the clouds. It’s too big to be a bird. It looks more like a dragon. She watches it for a moment, then closes her eyes and goes back to sleep.

Was it just a reflection? Or was it real?
And has she even seen it before, a long time ago?

As she steps back into her old home – and her past – Cam’s time alone with her mother, Iris, brings a number of things to the surface. Latent anger, resentment and a strange ability to move things with her mind. And not only that, the dragon seems to have followed her there.