R’ha (Feature Film)

R’ha (a.k.a. “Alienz vs Machine”) is on the verge of production. Help us fund the original science-fiction epic!

Watch the original short film featured on Film Shortage!

Shortly after its release, the R’ha short film garnered over 20 million views worldwide and quickly attracted the attention of major film studios in Hollywood.

Since then, I’ve been working on a feature length adaptation for the big screen. With the help of my producers, I am exploring a number of possibilities that may bring the film to life. We are deliberately working outside of the constraints of the Hollywood system. Our decision to pursue this strategy was decided on, to maintain what we believe is the original quality of the film.

Just like the short film the feature film follows a unique vision of an alien world and its extraterrestrial inhabitants as they struggle to survive a self-created interplanetary war. Apart from the intricacy of this world and the grand visuals of the setting, much of the films appeal stems from the unconventional decision to make a non-human species the main focus of the story.