The Woo

A short film about isolation, dependence, and virtual reality set in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Thank you for visiting the Kickstarter for THE WOO. This film has been a labor of love over several years, and the time has finally come for it to be finished once and for all. With that said, there are a few things we should go over.

THE WOO is a single-location short film set in The Goodall Wooten dormitory in Austin, Texas. The film follows FELIX, a broken hearted pot dealer who has just gone through a rough breakup with DANI, the girl of his dreams. Numb and devoid of emotion, Felix becomes increasingly dependent on his VIRTUAL REALITY GOGGLES, which he custom made with Dani while they were together. With his goggles on, he and Dani can still be together. With his goggles on, he can escape THE WOO. What follows is a sobering glimpse into the life of someone who has yet to gain the ability to move on, an emotional and physical struggle with ones own isolation, and a slice of life that is at once both foreign and intensely recognizable.