Basketball’s Dribble Man Saves 150 Children From Abuse, Child Labour & Poverty. Crowdfunding Campaign hopes to provide the children with basic needs of socks, milk, nutrition & shoes.

Gheja is a tiny village near Noida in North India. I lived in the affluent and influential area of Noida which is surrounded by slums. On one side we had kids here with access to everything from Outdoor & Indoor Sports facilities to great schools and lifestyle and on the other side we had kids in the slums who had no access to clean water, food & clothes. Sports and Education was a distant dream for them. Most of these kids come from families where their parents are either daily wage laborers or domestic help.

Many of these kids are subjected to child labor. Alcoholism and domestic violence are common in these homes. They live in crowded homes with a multitude of problems. A family of 8 live in a cramped 250 square feet room. Without guidance and direction, most of these children end up gravitating towards a life of petty crime, substance abuse and child labor.