Come Down

A Sci Fi VFX Short Film set in a dystopian future fuelled by amphetamines and constant trance music.

COME DOWN is a dystopian Sci Fi short film set in a futuristic city constantly consumed by rave music. Everyday life is a monotonous, never ending bender. The streets covered with thumping speakers, neon lights and tough, authoritarian law enforcement. The citizens of the city are encouraged to continually take psychoactive substances, something heavily regulated. The most illegal object to have in your possession? …headphones, or any paraphernalia that can block out sound and give you peace.

Joe is an inhabitant of the city, stumbling through its repetitive drug and music drenched routine. He is in a relationship with Ja, worried that her secretive use of headphones to drown out the sounds of the world that overwhelms them will put them at risk.