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Looking for extra exposure for your next film campaign? Film Shortage has the film fanatic audience you are looking for! Simply submit your campaign through our site, we’ll review it to make sure it meets our standards and post it on our front page as soon as possible, if selected.[…]

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Crowdfunding Pick // You'd Better Not Know

The film takes place both in Heaven and Earth. In Heaven the souls of small children who are going to be born for the first time are prepared to start their lives by the Teachers, the souls that decided not to be born. The main character is a boy who[…]

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Don't Forget to Go Home // Crowdfunding Pick

Don’t Forget To Go Home is a short film about two sisters who run from their cousin’s wedding to go on a drug-fuelled bender looking for love in all the wrong places. Tackling themes of diaspora mental health, family, queer sexuality and first love, all set in the back alleys and[…]

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Amazing Kids Happen // Crowdfunding Pick We Dig

The creator of award-winning animation Amazing Things Happen is fundraising to create a follow-up short where autistic children themselves will do the talking. This autism awareness animation will be narrated by 14 bright children who want to share their experiences in the autistic spectrum with their non-autistic peers so they[…]

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Gutterboy // Crowdfunding Pick We Dig

Navigating adolescence is a challenge we must all face, but living on the streets means surviving beyond just the regular every-day teenage problems; the stakes are infinitely higher. For sixteen year old Harmony, life on the streets with the volatile yet free-spirited Zoe is an escape from her troublesome home[…]

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Remainder // Crowdfunding Pick

A lone soldier has crash-landed on a barren planet; her damaged AI spacesuit is her only companion and means for survival. As solitude grows and systems break down, artificial and human intelligence must come together to fight for survival and identify between the real and the imaginary. Alya, the soldier[…]

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Alexa Blitz // Crowdfunding Pick

Alexa is the leader of a gang of young outcasts who have taken it upon themselves to track down and punish criminals. The gang sees the current justice system as a failure, that’s why they take the law into their own hands. Every night Alexa dresses up using a snow-white[…]

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Indemnity // Crowdfunding Pick

Former dealer and her lover relocate to Italy after the murder of an associate. As their resources thin, disillusionment enters as their bond and morality become in question.

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Go For Alayna // Crowdfunding Pick

An aspiring filmmaker’s chance to make her first film is threatened by the feminist protest of a famous actress. Alayna is the 3rd Assistant director on the set of a reboot of the 90s thriller Basic Instinct. She’s been promised an investor for her film by Jim, her mentor and[…]

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