In a long-awaited conversation, Nancy and Bernard, a young couple with a complicated past, meet for the first time in a very long while for dinner. Once the small talk is over, they must face unpleasant truths that reveal the reality of their relationship and surroundings may not be what it seems…


After experiencing the passing of someone close to him, Connor, the writer, and director, began to explore humankind’s endless questions about life, death, and what lies beyond all of this. When writing, he knew he didn’t want to attempt to answer unanswerable questions. Still, he tried to present the audience with a rich and engaging story where they could attempt to derive their own answers from the story he told.

Because life feels so infinite and death is so inevitable, I think the choices we make during our time here shape who we are as human beings. Giving the characters the chance to reflect on their choices and seek forgiveness for transgressions was an intriguing way to examine the themes I was interested in exploring.

– Connor Haddad, director