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The 2018 Gift Guide For Filmmakers

Alright, the holidays are just around the corner, your boyfriend / girlfriend / son / daughter / friend / secret santa / or whomever is a filmmaker, or aspiring to become one, and you have to get them a gift.. but you have no idea what you can possibly get? Don’t worry, we got your back! We know filmmakers, and whether your are looking to spend a few bucks or splurge on something bigger – we got a few ideas for you.

The Starter Toolkit

For the very early beginners, preparing a simple must-have filmmaker toolkit can be just enough to get their young careers kickstarted, while making sure they are ready for any unexpected encounter along the way. Buy a duffle bag or spacious backpack and stuff it shoot back up essentials while keeping on a small budget:


Don’t forget to include a good filmmaking book in your essentials package. See our review of 8 filmmaking books any filmmaker should own.

The Essentials

Getting essential equipment can be a little more pricy, but if your loved one is really serious about filmmaking, getting them one of these can really make a difference in the final quality of the film – even though you have no idea what it is – he/she will have a blast with it.

Cameras: The Good Stuff

This is la crème de la crème of DSLR cameras. Your filmmaker giftee will worship you forever if you get them one of these.

Cameras: The Affordable

In a healthier price bracket, these cameras will do a very decent job considering the price difference. A young filmmaker will have their hands full for years with these cameras, and are a great learning curve.


Stabilizers are a must-have for filmmakers. This essential tool will avoid the shaky image and give the film a professional look. The price range can vary highly on this piece of equipment, the cheaper ones may be a great starting point for beginners, but may not be enough to carry the weight for the more advanced filmmakers.

Fluid Head Tripod

You might already have an old tripod stashed somewhere in the back of your closet, but if it’s not a fluid head, it could be deemed as useless for filmmaking. Like the stabilizer, the prices will vary and will depend on the level of production your filmmaker is trying to achieve.

Lighting Kit

Lighting can be the most undervalued aspect of filmmaking, especially at the early stages. Start the next Spielberg off on the right foot by giving them a practical 3-point lighting kit.

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit // $149.99

Wireless Microphone

Microphones also make a big difference in the final production level of the film. Stepping away from the camera’s built-in mic will be the first step to detail acknowledgement which will take their films to the next level. Either wireless or directional microphones would be of excellent use for any filmmaker.

For The Advanced

For the splurgers and achievers, or the ones that are already well equipped – but are looking for that extra edge; these little toys will certainly put a giant smile on your filmmaker.

Drones & GoPro

Any extreme filmmaker’s dream toys! Drones are definitely tools for the more advanced filmmakers, but can provide some of the most breathtaking shots we see in films. GoPro’s can get the more extreme shots that regular cameras can’t handle.

Laptops & Tablets

Any filmmaker will need an assistant, a tablet will definitely help on the set where they can easily carry all the notes, scripts and storyboards handy. A laptop can provide quick visual feedback, to review shots before moving on to the next location, but will also be a great and needed tool for editing in post-production.

For Fun / Memorabilia

Every filmmaker will be a huge film fanatic, so getting memorabilia, collection packs or even simple every day utilities will hit their creative hears.

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