The 2018 Gift Guide for Filmmakers

The 2018 Gift Guide For Filmmakers

Alright, the holidays are just around the corner, your boyfriend / girlfriend / son / daughter / friend / secret santa / or whomever is a filmmaker, or aspiring to become one, and you have to get them a gift.. but you have no idea what you can possibly get?[…]

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Pause For a Moment || Daily Short Picks

Pause For a Moment

Pause for a Moment is a short narrative directed for the clothing retailer Kit and Ace. It’s about the importance of taking time to slow down during the holiday season. It’s a non-traditional approach to telling a christmas story that taps into the nostalgia, chaos and traditions we have created.

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Portrait of an Egg Nogger

Donny Burston makes eggnog 365 days a year, but unfortunately for reasons beyond his control, people only drink it for 2 months of the year. “Portrait of an Egg Nogger” takes you deep inside the carton for a personal look at the men behind everyone’s favorite holiday beverage and what[…]

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“Down” Town

“Down” Town was always a dull, grey place… until the day a colorful stranger showed up. A surprising little holiday animation from the artists at SHED montreal.

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A Merry Short Christmas

A Merry Short Christmas!

We love themed short films, and Christmas is another special time where we gather together and watch our favorite valued short films! Today and and tomorrow we will post Christmas and Holiday themed films that YOU will send us to this page! Send us anything Holiday spirited that you, your[…]

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

The Weekend Shortlist: The Perfect Gift

With the holidays quickly approaching I decided to gather up a few holiday-spirited shorts. But beware, these are not your typical Michael Bublé loving carol type short films. The three shorts all feature a twisted story behind their newly purchased or obtained toys.. And they are not so holiday-spirited! We[…]

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