The 2018 Gift Guide for Filmmakers

The 2018 Gift Guide For Filmmakers

Alright, the holidays are just around the corner, your boyfriend / girlfriend / son / daughter / friend / secret santa / or whomever is a filmmaker, or aspiring to become one, and you have to get them a gift.. but you have no idea what you can possibly get?[…]

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Ayatana || Daily Short Picks


A young blind boy tries to see the world with the help of his girlfriend and the power of his imagination.

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The Art of The Fan Film

The Art of The Fan Film

In an age where we’ve taken on an abundance of remakes and revamps and sequels and more sequels of our favorite childhood TV shows, movies and comics, fans seem to have taken things into their own hands, and turning these classics into modern heroes (or anti-heroes) we want them to[…]

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AirDog Auto-Follow Drone

Your GoPro Drone can now follow you!

When GoPro cameras came along they made extreme video recording possible for almost any amateur, to the highest delights of surfers, skiers and skydivers. But semi-pro filmmakers also began drooling, and invested in GoPro cameras for their extreme shots. See music video Bad Motherfucker Things became even more extreme when[…]

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Pura Vida | Featured Short Film

Pura Vida

A young man travels to Costa Rica, chasing the woman he fell in love with. He finds her wearing a mysterious gray mask and unwilling to return. Can he convince her? What we loved the most about ‘Pura Vida’ was how it came about, and developed into a film. Director[…]

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

Bad Motherfucker

An interesting and fun music video for Biting Elbows’ 2013 single ‘Bad Motherfucker’ Support Ilya Naishuller in his next project, the world’s first action POV film: Hardcore.

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