Sic Transit Glory || Daily Short Picks

Sic Transit Glory

A surreal exploration of the conflict between moving forward and living in the past, ‘Sic Transit Glory’ follows Anna and Brigitte, two loving friends who despite their history must face the possibility that time and distance may soon divide them. The film draws from magic realism to communicate emotional ideas[…]

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The Night Owl || Featured Short Film

The Night Owl

A story of miscommunication, conflict, and fear between two neighbors living in New York City. Neighbors can often be pains in the ass, especially in a crammed city like New York City. The Night Owl is a story about miscommunication and conflict between two neighbors living in New York City.[…]

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Raghead || Daily Short Picks


Raghead tells the story of Omar, an 11-year old Arab boy living in New York three months after the 9/11 attacks. Omar has been living with his grandmother since his father was deployed overseas by the American Military. Each day, he is bullied at school by other kids who discriminate[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Demons


A self-confessed paedophile desperately battling his urges comes to a crossroads when his unknowing wife falls unexpectedly pregnant. A story about deep, psychological inner conflict.

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Fish Hook

Shot on location in NYC, Fish Hook is a look at the nebulous morality and internal conflict abuse spawns. Written after posing honest, direct, and dark questions: What would lead you to actual violence? To seek out and purposefully harm another human? At what tension is your line broken? Could[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Break


A short film about youth and race in the suburbs. Two teenagers find more than they are looking for when they break into an abandoned house. Harmless thrill seeking and flirtation escalate quickly into a conflict with a local contractor, leaving the young couple disillusioned. BREAK is inspired by my[…]

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To Dust

This is a story about international conflict, war, and our potential doom by our own hands. It is a warning and reminder that we have surrounded ourselves with the military technology that could too easily put an end to our brief epoch. Don’t miss the second part: From Dust[…]

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Dead End | Featured Short Film

Dead End

A stylish short revolving around three people in a desert and a mysterious box that draws them into a life or death conflict. Dead End brings another exquisite student animated film from the Netherlands, this time by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts; Ruud Coenen, Luc Thijssen, Frank[…]

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The Tale of The Wall Habitants | Featured Short Film

The Tale of the Wall Habitants

The conflict between doors and windows is threatening to escalate. We’ve heard all the ancient tales and legends in one form or another over the course of time, but Andrej Boka brings us a new story that surely you have never heard before. Boka’s premise of a conflict between doors[…]

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Comeliness | Daily Short Pick


Comeliness is a short film about the peaks and pitfalls of modern young beauty following two days in the life of model Jess Latham (played by Katerina Duma) as she comes to terms with the conflicts between her career and personal life. Comeliness caught our attention several months ago with[…]

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