The bed is an introspective short film where apparently not much happens. It tells the story of a man; over one night and in one location – his house. The protagonist can’t sleep and throughout the film, we try to understand why – what is going on with this man? It’s about a feeling, it’s about a state of confusion, about an internal conflict. His emotional journey is quite irregular and unpredictable – as happens to us, most of the time really.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a short film on a very low budget so I intentionally wrote a story with one actor, no dialogue and one location. It is inspired by similar personal experiences. I wanted to try to portray someone’s internal journey – just through actions. My intention was also to play a little bit with the audience’s expectations and to give them a semi filled canvas to be completed with their own ideas and projections as to what was happening in the story. I tried to create a particular mood with the use of cinematography within the budget and some self-imposed stylistic restrictions, like the use of an invisible second character voyeuristic point of view, the use of two lenses only; and the use of practical lights only inside the house, in order to be able to shoot it over 2 short summer nights.