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When a man wakes up in a motel, unsure of how he got there…what he finds leaves him speechless.

Director’s Statement

Based on a story by reddit user u/jagaimo314, Motel tells the story of a man who arrives in a seedy motel, unsure of how or why he is there. The idea of a case of sudden onset amnesia during a critical moment stuck out to me as a short story. I filmed it in such a way that the viewer would experience the same confusion as our protagonist. Unsure of his surroundings, the audience sees things in a tight close up manner, until our character begins to process the mess he is in. I aimed to create an “vibe” similar to Memento and to ultimately tell a compact, tension filled, atmospheric story.


    It’s an honor and a pleasure to have been selected as a Daily Short Pick. Thank you!

  • Aron Hobson

    amazing i loved it great suspense lovely camera work cant find anything wrong with it

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