Slick and stylish teenage period crime movie with multiple references to the classics of the genre with modern inspirations. Dramatic, violent, colored, musical

In France, in the 80s, Tony, a young third-generation Spaniard immigrant, a rebel with a heart of gold, fights for a life that he desires despite an abusive and violent father controlling his every move while bonding with a group of reckless immigrants outcasts from the street in whom he sees a family. However, the path he takes only leads to a dark and uncertain future.

The inspirations are obvious and somewhat stereotypical, but the production comes through at such high standards that it becomes a refreshing take on the original classics. While many have tried with varying degrees of success, ‘Tony’ stays true its roots and also embraces its references. Just from the fact that the story takes place in the 80’s where the characters mention the movie ‘Scarface‘ in comparison to themselves in light humour, we can quickly tie in where their manors and stances come from.

“Violence only brings more of it”

The movie is about our town and speaks of our heritage. It also comes from familial inspiration.
The story has multiple themes. It speaks of family, friends, which can often be the same, and the weight of choices and their consequences.

It focuses on violence and shows that it only brings more of it and leads to a path of destruction, through crime and in this particular piece, a succession of bad choices that will degenerate. I’d like to make it a feature and we’re currently working on it.

I also loved the fact I could put my friends and family in it, although I only put them here because they matched the character perfectly, characters that were often based on them.

And I also got to act and direct myself, which is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Running at 35 minutes, ‘Tony’ definitely plays out as a half-film with some fantastic character introductions. In turn, the potential for development on these characters in a future project is indisputable. The rising cast is lead by actor Hugo Diego Garcia and accompanied by some like Lorenzo Bentivoglio & Pietro Mercieca. Above all, the story was fully embraced and driven by its characters. The eloquent soundtrack produced by Malo Garcia (MALO) doesn’t escape the inspirations, but also highly reinforces the era.

Enjoy the trailer while we impatiently wait for the film to be available online.