The Salvation

The Salvation is PostPanic Pictures latest venture into long-form episodic content. The Amsterdam-based film company established a new independent creative incubator for original content following the success of its 2015 concept short SUNDAYS. Written and directed by PostPanic co-founder Mischa Rozema, it was eventually sold to Warner Studios after a bidding war ensued following SUNDAYS premier on Vimeo. PostPanic has since developed projects including Lost Boy (a sci-fi punk feature co-directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns) and award-winning festival short, Little Shit (written and directed by Richard Gorodecky).

On the surface, David Miller, a PTSD ridden Iraq war veteran is trying to come to terms with his present. Deeply scarred by his experiences in Iraq he tries to hold on to every scrap of his humanity. As his world unravels from within, he is shepherded into the past by a fringe network of black project government ghosts and captains of industry. In order to keep his own present intact, he has to look inward to amend the past at the behest of his saviours.

This drama, thriller episodic explores the boundaries of the genre intersecting with sci-fi themes, laced with action-packed sequences.