The Lipinski

What is the Lipinski?
To Hank and Chang Lee, it’s a six-million-dollar opportunity. To George, it’ three hundred years of divine music. To the Butler, it’s the very mark of prestige itself.

To pretty much everyone else, it’s a violin. A really, really, expensive violin.

For one night only, the insufferably wealthy George Walnut has the Lipiński Stradivarius on lease from the St. Louis Art Museum. In celebration, he has opened his doors to an exclusive gathering of the social elite. However, unbeknownst to George, three nefarious guests with their eyes on the violin have been preparing for years, waiting for this opportunity.

It’s a night of impostors, sloppy pedants, and crab beignets. A night of a mysterious turtle disappearance and a suspicious Mongolian violin prodigy. It’s the night of the Lipiński.