The Big Dirty – Rhythm of My Drum

New Teaser!

A bank job…a strip club…and a whole lot of crazy.

A music video with a story to tell, it’s big, it’s dirty and it’s going to be epic.

After a successful bank robbery the big dirty have made their way to the ‘big dirty Strip club’ to hideout.

But little do they know the relentless Detective Sergeant Waterman is hot on their tail.
On entering the club the group discover not everything is how it seems.
Appearing to be frozen in time the patrons show no sign of life.
The band stumble across some instruments and begin to play there track
‘The Rhythm of my drum’ which pulses life back into the club.
When Waterman catches up with the band he becomes mesmerized by the clubs hottest ticket.
Choosing to chase after her and losing focus on his true reason for being there, to capture the
infamous big dirty.