The Astronaut

Our lives are fraught with pain. It’s a pain that we can either run from or face head on. For former astronaut Thomas Niccol, that pain is so great, that he has spent the better part of a decade running from it and in doing so he has allowed himself to pull away from his own family. Stuck in the daily grind of hiding in his work, Thomas has neglected to see his young son’s growing interest in following in his footsteps. Charlie dreams of one day flying to the moon, just like his father.

Encouraged by his mother, Jacqueline, Charlie constructs his own spaceship out of cardboard and plans a trip to the moon with his father. Unfortunately pain seeps back into Thomas’ life when Charlie is stricken with an invasive form of Leukemia and given only a short time to live. Thomas must confront the results of his decision to hide, and hope that there is enough time left for him and his son to explore the furthest reaches of space together.