Orbiting Without Sugar

Stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship, Rachel quickly decides she’s through waiting around in a dirty motel for her boyfriend Vince to return. When he finally does, he comes baring big news, large sums of cash and promises of a better future together.

Their relationship escalates nearly to its to breaking point until suddenly they’re interrupted by a knock at the door – thugs looking to collect their losses and take revenge. Now the two must decide if their relationship is strong enough to withstand anything, or if this is where they part ways.

This dark love story tests the bond between lovers destined for failure. A gritty (and sometimes corky) romance drama, Orbiting Without Sugar explores what’s really more important; love or is it the money?

Director and writer Mariusz Brożek, is now developing the original story into feature length film.

Written and directed by Mariusz Brożek
Cinematography by Koshi Kiyokawa
Produced by Palindrome Productions
Sheru Arora and Gurmeet Jaspal