An eccentric cult leader kidnaps his estranged teenage daughter to clone her telepathic ability before her mother thwarts his plan to control humanity.

The black sheep of a family with a history of telepathic abilities, Lucien is second in command of a cult whose mission is to rid the world of all evil. Lucien’s wife, Amanda, took their daughter, Grace, when Grace was young and Lucien was becoming more and more sadistic. Now Grace’s telepathy is fully developed and is the strongest Lucien has ever witnessed – the most powerful in centuries.

Lucien has devised a way to clone Grace’s ability to the members of the group…..but the clock is ticking. Lucien must subvert his fatherly tendencies and give in to the darkness to carry out the Sons of Enlightenment mission. Will he be able to accomplish this feat before Amanda exposes him and his big secret?