Nine Volts

Scientist Roland finds himself in the remote hills of Scotland on Christmas day testing the research he has given his entire life to, but is he ready for what he’ll discover?
On Christmas Day a scientist, ROLAND (Alan Turkington) finds himself in the remote Scottish hills in hope of finally proving the scientific theory to which he has devoted his life.
His wife ROSE (Sophie B. Harkness) is beside herself as she discovers her husband has chosen work over her on Christmas day. She leaves him an angry voicemail because there is no phone signal on the farm.

On the farm he meets a girl named EMILY (Skye Lourie) who has made contact online, hoping that Roland’s theories will solve a mysterious problem that has plagued her family. When she first sees Roland she becomes unsettled, she recognises him, but won’t say why.

On their journey across the land, Roland explains his theory to Emily, that humans are all just nine-volt batteries and ‘ghosts’ are actually echoes of people, caused by an extreme emotional expression. They can be historic echoes, or echoes of a future event and they are attracted to the area because of the presence of wind turbines that produce energy; an energy that can keep them in existence. Roland reassures her she is in no danger but this doesn’t make the voices in the trees any less frightening.

They arrive at a dilapidated bothy where Emily has lured the echo. Realising Roland is a family man, she has a sudden change of heart and warns him not to go any further. He demands answers, but when she doesn’t give any he presses on with his work.

Inside, Roland sets up his equipment to capture the ‘ghost’, but the proof he’s been searching for his whole life contains a revelation that sends him racing up the mountain to call his wife before it’s too late…