Longest Living Jane Doe

She is known as Monique Smith but that is not her name. The victim of child abduction and subjected to abuse, it wasn’t until her early adulthood that Monique found out that her entire identity is a lie. Now, after spending more than two decades trying to find out who she really is, she still doesn’t know her real name, where she was born, or even when she was born. As of right now, March. 26, 2019, Monique Smith is the Longest Living Jane Doe and has all the documents and evidence to prove her claim. Now, Monique works tirelessly to bring greater awareness to child abduction, missing children, and child abuse, despite her own personal emotional baggage that she carries around daily. I am reaching out to you, as well as others because Monique does so much to help others, I’m hoping to get her the help she needs to find out her true identity. Thank you for your time.