Abandoned in the Dark

“Abandoned in the Dark” is a four-story horror/thriller/suspense anthology film based on the book of the same name by David Boyle.

“The Core”: Tender-hearted Karl Stevens has an ordinary day of work ahead of him—or so he believes. Following a routine meeting with his domineering boss, Karl discovers that a typical day at the office can turn into an unforeseeable fight for his life.

“Desperation”: A single father, Peter Delaney faces an unimaginable crisis—a parent’s worst nightmare. Time is diminishing fast, hindering his ability to think clearly and logically. Besieged by anxieties and fears beyond comprehension, Delaney hopes he can find the strength, the intelligence, the resourcefulness, to protect his only child.
“Close Call”: Kind and compassionate, Jamie prides herself on soothing others, on being a friendly, nurturing voice at the Helping Hands Hotline. But not all her callers accept her wisdom and advice as gospel.

“Friction”: Kevin and Laura Ryerson have been married a long time, living a life of hard-earned opulence. But one night, en route home from a party, they find themselves caught up in an argument. Not the first time they’ve bickered, nor the last. Sometimes one word, one look, one gesture, one implication can push someone over the edge and into an irretrievably dark place.