5 Top Gambling Related Movies to Watch on Netflix

Gambling Movies to Binge Watch

The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and is showing no signs of subsiding soon. People are looking at different ways to entertain themselves during this prolonged lockdown period. One of the most popular forms of entertainment that many prefer is movies. There is no dearth for quality movie content online, thanks to many OTT platforms. Gambling is one of the popular themes that moviemakers and the cinematographs have neatly covered in many of their movies. Gambling involves risking money, and you might win or lose the money. The big loss is going to put the gambler into depression, and this is the human vice that filmmakers use as a plot in movies made under this theme. So, watching such films can be an eye-opener for the desperate gambler and by binge-watching a few Netflix, the bettors would be in a better position and mindset to play in casinos like Bingo77UK.com.

1. Croupier

This Mike Hodge directed movie gets you up, close, and personal into the world of gambling through the eyes of a live casino dealer. The dark side of betting is highlighted here. The director does not bring to life larger than life Las Vegas gaming scenarios and focuses on the not so prominent London card rooms. It is in total contrast to many other movies that either involves the player as the central character or the lavish Las Vegas strip.

2. 21

This is a very addictive movie that you would not want to stop in the middle, even if you are binge-watching. It involves a math teacher who drives his students to explore the world of gambling. This movie deals with the role that math and science play in physical casinos. All gamblers would like watching this film as it is fast-paced and is a pickup story on true events. After watching this, many students will feel the need to restrain from visiting casinos and concentrate on their studies.

3. Leprechaun 3

Those who have an addiction towards slots will easily relate to this flick. The leprechaun is a lucky symbol that prominently features as a lucky charm in many Irish themed slots. The Leprechaun series has the demon chasing the people who stole his gold. It started as a horror series, and this instalment falls in the comedy-horror genre. It has very good cinematography, and Warwick Davis loves to shoot for this slot-based motion picture.

4. Ocean’s Eleven

If you are looking for a huge star cast on a casino themed flick, then this one fits the bill. It has popular Hollywood actors Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts reprising their roles to perfection. It was a huge commercial success. Clooney is the mastermind interested in robbing three leading casinos when he is on parole. He joins hands with Brad to recruit an excellent team to carry out the heist. Were they successful in their heist and what obstacles they had to face in this venture forms the crux of the story? Here, you get to know about how the casinos work and how they operate in detail.  

5. Win it All

This film throws some light into the life of a gambling addict. Jake Johnson reprises the role of Eddie, a parking attendant to support his addiction. He is not able to get rid of this habit and seeks therapist advice to get out of this habit. During this time, a local thug hands him a bag to keep it safe and announces a reward of ten thousand dollars for keeping it safe. Eddie was curious to know what is in the bag, opens it up, and finds it has piles of cash. Eddie uses this money to start gambling again and loses most of the money. Now, he is a fix, worried about whether the man who handed him the bag will come for it and kill him for using the money without his permission. Watch this movie on Netflix to see what happened to Eddie in the end.

Many other motion picture directors and cinematographers have attempted to make movies revolving around the casinos and the gambling categories. You can watch most of them on popular online OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, etc.