Tickle / Crowdfunding Pick We Dig


Tickle is a live-action psychological and supernatural horror about the isolation, trauma and intense vulnerability of domestic abuse. Lilly, our exhausted and desperate protagonist, struggles through a sleepless night of being tormented by a menacing and salacious creature. Skeptical of her own sanity and separated from the outside world, she[…]

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Heavenly // Crowdfunding Pick


Crystal, a former ballet dancer, returns home after being sex-trafficked and struggles to shake the physical and psychological trauma she endured while “in the life”. We’ve seen the film about the young girl trafficked in from overseas and sold for sex, but we’ve not really dealt with the girl next[…]

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Everything's OK // Daily Short Picks

Everything’s OK

Sam’s mom isn’t answering his calls. It could be nothing, it’d be childish to panic–Sam knows this but memories of past trauma loosen his grip on the present, forcing him to ask “is she OK?” again, and again, and again.

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No Honor | Daily Short Picks

No Honor

While investigating the death of his dad, Jr. is unknowingly ambushed by the would be killers as they search for a mysterious list of names. With the trauma of loss weighing heavily, Jr. dives head first into a conflict that will explore the notion of “the sins of the father[…]

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To Love Somebody | Short Film Trailer

To Love Somebody

In ‘To Love Somebody’, two couples, who have been close friends for years, face several traumas out of their control. The one couple, Meryl and Mike, are recovering from their son’s death and their inability to communicate. The second couple, Joanna and Tim, are trying to conceive their first child,[…]

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Kerry is a train driver, she is on sick leave due to a trauma at work. While roaming the train network to make sense of her tragedy she meets a man who understands her. aninstantfilm.com facebook.com/pages/Instant-Film twitter.com/Instantfilmprod

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Miriam’s Song

Incorporating original poetry and music, this film explores the resilience of children in circumstances of trauma and loneliness, particularly their use of imagination as a tool for endurance and escape. Watch Shabnam’s short Dollhouse on Film Shortage. shabnampiryaei.com

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